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Andrea Pozzo narrates


“Andrea Pozzo racconta” (Andrea Pozzo narrates) is a combination of light games, baroque music and tales by Andrea Pozzo himself. He speaks to spectators and visitors directly from the choir loft, in a show with high visual impact.


Virtual Barocco


“Virtual Barocco” is a highly immersive visiting style. Look in every direction inside a personal space, using Virtual Reality viewers to watch 360° immersive videos. The visit covers seven points of interest and an actor, in the guise of Andrea Pozzo, accompanies visitors to the Chiesa della Missione on a journey of discovery to see its frescoes and curiosities.


Touch Tables

There are also two touch stations. The first one accesses classic in-depth information sheets, helping traditional-style visitors understand the series of icons – as well as other insights into some of the most interesting works in the church. It is also possible to interactively explore diagnostic analysis material gathered during the latest restoration. For children, a touch-screen is the chance to learn while having fun by playing two specially designed interactive games. The second station shows Mondovì and surrounding territory on an interactive map. The city map highlights the main Points of Interest, dividing them into five macro-areas: Places and Squares, Churches, Museums, Monuments, and Tourist Attractions. Visitors may filter POIs on the map and activate a chosen category, which will highlight the points of interest relevant to that macro-theme. A short information sheet is available at each point.


Painting Wonders – HTC Vive


The Sacristy of the Chiesa della Missione is used for edutainment and hosts a Virtual Reality station (HTC Vive), a 55-inch touch-monitor and some chairs, used according to need. Using an HTC Vive device means not only observing a virtual world through an optical viewer but also moving around in 3D space by interacting with it through controllers running new “room-scale” technology. Visitors can use the application to convert the surrounding space into a canvas on which to paint. It is, for the first time, possible to interact and move around inside the work being created, combining creativity with technology and discovering new ways to experience art. The 55-inch monitor shows the other visitors in the room what is happening inside the virtual world. Activities, therefore, involve several visitors at the same time, facilitating use for school groups, demonstrations or art performances. The monitor can alternate between the design experience and the showing of a short film “Un volo verso l’infinito” (A Flight to the Infinite).