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A Flight to the Infinite

Chiesa della Missione.
– Mondovì –

INFINITUM may be used independently. The tour includes a 3D viewer experience, access to the theatrical altar machine, an in-depth video of perspective and anamorphic illusion, Andrea Pozzo’s cognitive video, use of the touch screen and immersive mirror (plus an immersive multimedia evening show, projected at dusk or during special evening openings).

The following packages can be purchased for the visit to Infinitum:
INFINITUM + dinner – total cost € 30.00
INFINITUM + aperitif or ice cream – total cost € 12.00

The drinks are made at bars and restaurants of Mondovì Piazza.
Reservation for promotional packages INFINITUM + dinner / aperitif / ice cream is mandatory.

Access is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions for the protection of health due to COVID19. The viewers are sanitized for safe use.

Opening hours:
Friday 4.00 PM  –  7.00 PM
Saturday – Sunday and festivity 4.00 PM  –  10.00 PM

Approximate tour time is one hour, with the last admission 45 minutes before closing time.
Reservations not required for visitors and family groups. We do require that groups of over fifteen people send an advance-booking request to

Guided tours may be booked (and are recommended for groups). Educational activities or events can be organised.

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Visit Information

In the exhibition areas, it is forbidden to:

  • to enter with animals, except those belonging to disabled people, or with any object that could be considered a safety risk to people, the building and the fittings;
  • take photos or video shooting unless authorised (see rules shown at the ticket office);
  • smoke in any part of the church;
  • use mobile phones;
  • consume food or drinks.